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Haarwald 2 phase cure

Haarwald 2 phase cure

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Care spray for all hair in need of moisture. The hair is not weighed down, the bounce and elasticity of the hair is increased. The valuable Kera-Protect complex protects the hair . A combination of selected active ingredients regulates the moisture balance of the hair and protects it from drying out. The combability is significantly improved and the hair shines healthy.


Keraphlex: The anti-hair breakage booster for damaged hair. Plant-based protein building blocks penetrate the hair, nourish it and prevent hair breakage. Thanks to the Kera Protect Complex, the 2-phase treatment noticeably improves the hair structure, provides the hair with the necessary moisture and noticeably strengthens it. Shiny hair, healthy ends and improved combability are the result.
Panthenol: provides the hair with moisture and reduces premature drying.
Prodew: improves the luminosity of hair color and reduces color loss. The hair has a healthy shine.
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