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NEW IN! The secret of beautiful hair - lies in the right care. Complete and perfect your hair care routine with Haarwald care products for healthy, full and shiny hair.

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Solange der Vorrat reicht. Die Limited Haarwald Box wieder erhältlich. Ist das, dass perfekte Geschenk?

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  • Julian Draxler

    football pro

    "I've never had a hair wax that held up perfectly during a game. I have one now.”

  • GamerBrother

    football pro

    "Haarwald Wax is the solution for a perfect hold - both on and off the field."


    TV Personality

    "The best hair wax I've used so far."

  • Mustafa Mostafa

    Star Friseur

    "In Haarwald steckt meine jahrzehntelange Erfahrung als Friseur."

  • ViscaBarca

    YouTube Star

    "Die Produkte von Haarwald haben mich direkt überzeugt. Nach dem ersten Test, habe ich das Wax täglich genutzt."

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All-in-One Package

Discover the new Haarwald All-in-One package and get all Haarwald products at a special price. Whether as a gift or to try out for yourself .

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Hair wax for every hair type

So that your hair always sits properly, you will find everything you need for perfect styling. Hair wax or styling powder.

Hair wax or hair gel?

Matte Wax, Styling Gel, Forming Paste, Curling Cream or Styling Powder - when it comes to styling aids, there are many. We recommend the wax in combination with the styling powder for more volume. Because our hair wax holds just as strong as a hair gel, but does not stick and can be remodeled at any time.

Hair wax for men & women

Whether you want to put your hair strictly back, style short spikes upwards or emphasize the curls - with Haarwald Wax any hairstyle can be brought into the right shape. With the wax you tame unruly hair. If, for example, in a braid hairstyle, small hairs stick out at the sides, you simply put them on with a little wax.

Fixing with hairspray and hair lacquer

Soon you will also be able to enjoy a high-quality hairspray - stay tuned!

Matte look, irresistible shine or extremely strong hold?

Our hair wax products not only provide the right hold, but also the very special look. Whether natural, matte or fine shiny highlights and all without sticking.