Find the best hair wax for men and women

Are you looking for the best hair wax? With the right hair wax you can achieve any hairstyle. We show you top hairstyling products and how to use them.

The best hair wax

Find the best hair wax

  1. Hair wax shapes your hair and gives it a long hold

  2. Thanks to the waxy texture, you can style your hair several times a day

  3. You should pay particular attention to hold, shine and smell

Perfectly styled hair all day long - hair wax in focus!

We all know the dilemma: After blow-drying our hair and giving it the perfect shape, the hairstyle loses its structure at the slightest breeze. To counteract this and ensure more stability in everyday life, there are a variety of products that help to keep the look in tact throughout the day. Hair wax is one of those versatile styling products that provides instant hold and structure while keeping hair flexible over time.

Unlike hair gel or hairspray, hair wax has a soft, waxy texture that allows you to style your hair throughout the day. It wraps around the hair like a thin film and protects it from the effects of wind and humidity, so that the hairstyle stays in shape.

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Hair wax, hair gel or hair spray - which product is suitable for what?

Hair wax has the advantage of being easy to apply and providing an instant strong hold. You can rub a small amount of wax between your hands and then apply it to desired areas. The good thing is that you can always restyle your hairstyle if it ever gets out of shape. Hair wax comes in a variety of flavors, including matte finish products that give a natural look.

Hair gel, on the other hand, holds the hair strands together and gives the hairstyle structure. It has a liquid-gel texture and is applied to dry hair. After application, the gel must dry and can then no longer be changed. Hairspray is mainly used for longer hair and offers different levels of hold. There are light sprays that do not weigh down the hair and protect it from flyaway strands, as well as stronger sprays that keep the hairstyle in shape for longer.

What hair type is hair wax best for?

Hair wax is particularly suitable for short hairstyles of all hair types, regardless of whether the hair is light, thick or normal. For shoulder-length hair, mousse or hairspray are better choices to set the hair in place. Hair wax consists of a waxy texture that allows for a long-lasting fixation of the hairstyle while remaining flexible. For very fine hair, only a small amount of hair wax should be used in order not to weigh down the hair too much and to maintain volume.

What should you consider when choosing a hair wax?

There are a few criteria to consider when choosing the right hair wax:

  1. The hold: Depending on the hair type and the desired styling, you should choose between products with a light, medium or strong hold. Unruly hair usually needs a hair wax with a strong hold, while fine hair gets by with a product with a light or medium hold.

  2. The shine: The shine of the hair wax determines the look of the hairstyle. Matte finishes give hair a more natural look, while shine products create a more noticeable wet look.

  3. The smell: Each hair wax has a specific smell. Make sure that you like the scent of the product and that it is not too intense to avoid overlapping odors with other care products.

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Which hairstyles can be styled with hair wax?

Hair wax allows for different hairstyles and looks depending on hair length and personal style. Here are some of our favorite looks:

  1. Slickback: The classic slickback style goes perfectly with a suit or an elegant outfit. With slightly longer hair and the right hair wax, you can style your hair strictly backwards and integrate an undercut for a modern look.

  2. Pompadour: The pompadour is a stylish and timeless vintage look. The top hair is about 5 centimeters long, while the sides are significantly shorter. Hair wax helps control the mane and set the style in place.

  3. Surfer Look: If you love the California beach feel and a casual surfer look, then hair wax is your perfect companion. With slightly longer hair at the front and a sea salt spray you get the desired grippy effect that reminds you of a day at the sea.


Hair wax is an invaluable partner for perfect hair styling that lasts all day while remaining flexible. It provides instant hold and structure, allowing your hairstyle to withstand daily challenges. Choosing the right product with the right hold, shine and fragrance is crucial to creating the individual look. It doesn't matter whether you prefer the elegant suit wearer, the cool rock 'n' roller or the casual surfer look - with hair wax there are no limits to your creativity! Try it out and enjoy a styling that accompanies you throughout the day and gives you a feeling of self-confidence. Hair wax - the secret weapon for your perfect hair day!

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